Frequently Asked Questions

What is CMJ Studio registry?

This allows you to create a wedding registry and ask your guests for monetary contributions towards our packages. This can be used for anything you have purchased at our wedding studio. Since many of the items we really want are expensive for one of our guest to pay, our registry allows you to split larger items into smaller, more affordable monetary contributions. For example, our wedding photography may be priced at $1,000 or more, but with our registry, you can split this up into 10 contributions of $100 or 20 contributions of $50 or 50 contributions of $20, you get the idea.

Why use the registry?

Divide expensive items into smaller contributions – The registry allows you to receive monetary contributions towards services that may otherwise be too expensive or difficult for a guest to purchase, this will also allow you to save on some of the expenses you have for your wedding.

This includes everything you have with us– With our registry, you can alleviate some of you wedding expenses by allowing your guest to be part of your wedding experience. When you walk down the aisle and your guest see the photographer and cinematographer capture your special moment, your guest will have a good feeling knowing that they were part of making your wedding day happen.

Thank You made simple – CMJ Studio inc. will track all of your monetary gifts so that when it comes time to write Thank You cards, you can easily view your gift givers, amount you received, and their contact information.

Simple – Create your registry in a matter of minutes! Automatically there is a denomination selection of $10, $20, $50 and $100 gift cards for your guest to choose from. They can easily choose the amount in any quantity they like, to add up to the amount they want to contribute. It is that easy.

How does it work?

Follow the steps to setup your wedding registry

Fill out our create registry form.

Share your registry, the share section allows you to notify your guests by email or through social media as well. We will also provide you with registry cards to mail to your guest, letting them know you are registered with us.

Your guests will go to your registry page and contribute to the various gift cards we have available. An email notification will be sent whenever you receive a gift through your wedding registry.

Your monetary contribution will be applied to any of our services that you have. We will send you a receipt along with your guest that contributed information.

Is there a fee for the registry?

There is no fee to setup or create a registry. The only fee to use the registry is a necessary 3% transaction fee for all credit cards that are processed online. This amount is automatically paid from the gift amount not out of your pocket. There are no fees for checks or cash. Your guest will be given an option to pay by credit card, check or cash.

Are my guests charged to use the registry?

No, with Cash Registry your guests will not be charged any sales tax or processing fees when purchasing gifts on your registry.

How do I inform guests about my registry?

There are a number of ways to share your registry with guests. On the share page, there are options to share your registry by email or through social networks. You can also share your registry with guests by using our free wedding registry mailing cards. Remember, the more guests that know about your registry, the likelier you will be to receive the contributions towards the services you have..